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About website

I found a bug in the website
You can warm it here

Is it possible to remove ad ?
No you can't but you can click on it to support me.

About combos

Do I have to register to post a combo ?
No but there's some exclusive features for registered users

Can I post combos for just one character ?
Yes, you can

I need some help to insert my own combo, Where can I found it ?
Check here

Can I edit or delete my combos?
Yes if you are logged in.

How many combo can I insert ?
There's no limit but keep sure you're combos work before adding aplenty

I just want to add a combo but it doesn't seem to work
Your combo might exist. Check also if your combo has between 4 and 100 icons. Keep sure you have insert a nickname

I found a fake combo, Can i report it ?
Yes but you must be logged in. Then, webmaster will check

About account

Why should I register ?
By registering, you can manage your combos, highlight or rate someone. Registration is free

I've posted some combos without log in. How to link these combos to my account?
Please, contact webmaster to do this

I've forgot my password
Place, contact webmaster